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Canadian Network for Democratic Nepal (CNDN)


South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy( SANSAD)

invite you to an open Forum

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal:
Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Derrick O’Keefe, Co-Chiar, (Vancouver’s leading anti-war, anti-imperialist organization)
Dr. Ramjee Parajulee, Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University
Dr. Hari Sharma, Professor Emeritus SFU, and president SANSAD
Sunday, June 29, 2008
2:00 to 4:30pm

Cafe Kathmandu, 2779 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

The King is gone; so also the Kingdom. In a historic move, the newly elected Constituent Assembly voted overwhelmingly on May 28 to eliminate the Monarchy in Nepal, bringing to an end the 240-year long feudal reign of the Hindu monarchy, a system of rule that had been an obstacle to the socio-economic development of the country.. The long-cherished desires of the Nepali people were finally realized when the country was declared a Federal Democratic Republic.
Uncertainties still hang in the air. As of today, the new government has not been formed. The Constituent Assembly remains suspended, indefintely. Negotiations between the three leading parties have been marred with threats and counter-threats.
The June 29 Forum will attempt to examine the political dynamics of the unfoding drama, and the major political-ideologic al forces in play. The role of Indian hegemonism in the region as well as that of the USA (which has yet to recognize the new Republic) would be reviewed. What challenges lie ahead for the people of Nepal in their quest for a modern, secular and just society? And what lessons the progressive people around the world can draw from the experiences of the Nepali people?

Please come and share your views and participate in the discussion
Due to limited space, kindly book your seat in advance by calling at (604)506-9259


A meeting of Nepalis and friends of Nepal called by the Canadian Network for Democratic Nepal (CNDN) in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on December 10, 2006 unanimously adopted the following resolution.

Resolution for a Democratic Republic in Nepal

This meeting hails the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 2006 signed between Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) led government of Nepal to end the civil war, establish a democratic government, and elect a constituent assembly, as truly historic not only in the context of the specific history of Nepal but also in the global history of people’s struggle for democracy and freedom.

We congratulate the people of Nepal whose suffering and struggle has produced this victory and we congratulate all the parties in this agreement for their wisdom in bowing to the wishes of the people for peace, liberty, democracy, human rights, social justice, and prosperity.

The agreement is a document of the noblest aspirations of the Nepali people, and indeed, it could be the expression of the highest desire for social justice and political liberty by any people on earth. It holds the promise of a peaceful, prosperous and modern Nepal governed by the democratically expressed will of the people, in which people fully enjoy human rights and civil liberties, and in which the rights of women, marginalized communities, and other oppressed people are maintained with particular care. We wish the people of Nepal success in achieving the goals set down in the document.

There are always many forces, both internal and external, against the aspirations of a people for liberty, equality, and social justice because the forces that wish to maintain the existing hierarchies of power are very strong. To bring to fruition the aspirations expressed in the agreement will require a great deal of vigilance and determination from the Nepali people. Nepalis living in the Diaspora and the friends of Nepali people must stand with the people of Nepal in making sure that the hope that they have achieved after many years of struggle and thousands of lost lives, is not betrayed.

We pledge our support to the people of Nepal in their aspiration for a democratic republic that is modern, peaceful, prosperous, representative and just.